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    Naomi Cantale

    Hi I just logged on to see what support is available and see this is new! I’ll be back soon I’m sure with questions!
    Naomi Cantale

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    Joanne L

    Hi Naomi, 

    Thank you, hope you are having a lovely Christmas!

    My apologies for this stuff up, I'm sure it won't happen again.

    Lisa Millslagle (my customer) lives in the US and traveling during the holidays - they asked me to managed the next order, however I believe that I did not write down the user name or password correctly, and unfortunately not able to access the account. 

    Are you able to re-set the details send to me ASAP. Otherwise could you kindly take off the next auto ship until I have a change to inform the customer when they return home from their holidays. 

    Here's the details below: 

    User name: lisamillslagle

    Password: lisamillslagle

    Would you kindy let me know the outcome.  

    Thank you 


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    Joanne L

    Hi Customer Support. 

    Urgent: BP error (typo) website name: 

    I have noticed my BP website name has a typo, which is rather odd as the name was registered as ( and not ( 

    Are the BP sites secure as I'm now concerned that someone may have access to my profile.  

    Please confirm ASAP when typo has been corrected. 


    Joanne Tedde Le Vene



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    my auto

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